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Do I Need a Big Rig Accident Lawyer?

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If you have been involved in a truck accident, you may beconsidering talking to truck, or big rig accident lawyer to make sure you arepaid to the full extent for injuries and other damages. Not everyone will needto hire an attorney to handle a truck accident claim, but everyone should atleast describe their case to an attorney to make sure they are aware of all thedamages to which they are entitled.

How Much is a Truck AccidentCase Worth?

This is a question that only an experienced big rig accidentlawyer can answer. Many people are surprised to find out that serious truckaccident cases are often settled for several hundred thousand dollars, or evenmillions of dollars. Without a truck accident lawyer who is willing to take thecase to trial, the trucking company is unlikely to payout any significantamount of money.

Will a Lawsuit Be Necessary?

In most cases, a lawsuit will need to be filed in order to beginthe negotiation process. Without a suit, their is no legal requirement for thetrucking company or truck driver to pay out a dime.

Once the lawsuit is filed, the liable party will have to considerall the expense and come up with a settlement offer. In most cases, the initialsettlement offer will be far lower than what is required by law. If you’rerepresented by an attorney, he or she will counter with what is expected andall the associated evidence of your case.

How Long Will it Take?

The length of time between the filing of the suit and the payoutof damages varies from a few months to many years in some cases. Often, thetime it takes is determined by the strength of the case an the differencebetween the settlement offer and the amount of money being demanded by theprosecuting party.

Your attorney will advise you on the best options forgetting a settlement or court award as quickly as possible while ensuring theamount is appropriate.

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