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When to Accept a Truck Accident Settlement Offer

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Oneof the most important factors to consider following a truck accident involving a commercial truck is the truckaccident insurance settlement thatwill be offered to compensate the injured party. The liable party, either thedriver or the commercial trucking company itself, will make every effort toensure they pay out as little as possible.

TruckAccident Insurance Adjusters Act Quickly for a Reason

Moreoften than not, an adjuster’s first truck accident settlement offer will happenas quickly after the commercial truck accident as possible. The most prominent reasons they do this is because:

  • The closer in time to the accident the adjuster approaches the injured party, the less likely it is the injured party has spoken with an attorney; and
  • It is very likely not all of the injuries – especially chronic injuries – have yet manifested themselves.

Ifa truck accident insurance settlement offeris signed before all the injuries are known, the insurance company savesthousands of dollars while the victim is stuck with the medical bills. Therefore,it is crucial you speak with a truck accident lawyer before signing orspeaking with any insurance adjuster.

Becausetheliability limits are higher with commercialtrucks than regular automobiles, the insurance adjusters are moreaggressive in getting premature truck accident insurance settlements signed. The insurance companies willnot be looking out for your best interests. Their focus will be to settle theircase for a fraction of what it is worth. Make sure that you have a qualifiedtruck accident lawyer on your side to fight for your best interests and get youthe settlement you deserve.

TruckAccident Injuries May Not Be Immediately Apparent

Followinga major truck accident, most people do not know the extent of physical orfinancial difficulty they will be facing. Before signing any settlement, aninjured party will need to consider the following factors to determine thevalue of their injuries and damages:

  • The full extent of injuries as some do not immediately appear or worsen with time
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • The damage done to present and future earning ability
  • Property damage
  • The mental effects of the crash

Theamount an injured party is compensated depends on many variables including thenature of their work, the damage to the vehicle involved in the truck accidentand the extent of their injuries. All of these factors should be considered andevaluated by an experienced personal injury attorney prior to making anysettlement. Speaking to a truck accident lawyer prior to settlement isessential to making sure the injured party recovers what they are owed, bothnow – and in the future.

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