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Medical Expenses and Lost Wages from a Truck Accident

Any car accident can have severe consequences, but when a largecommercial truck is involved the likelihood of serious damage and injuryincreases dramatically. The sheer mass of the large trucks means when they hitsomething at speed, whatever they hit is going to be demolished. Passengers arelikely to be serious injured and will require medical attention and likely losea lot of income from being unable to work.

Compensation for MedicalExpenses Now and In the Future

The injuries sustained in a big rig truck accident can often belife-altering. Many people will be permanently affected and may require medicaltreatment or therapy for a long time, if not permanently. A truck accident casemust account for all potential future medical expenses as well as the carerequired immediately following the accident.

The insurance adjuster or trucking companies defense attorneywill likely try to get the victim to sign a settlement agreement early on toavoid having to pay more that the minimum. Often, medical injuries will notreveal themselves immediately, and they know this, so they will want to settlequickly.

Lost Income Due to an Inabilityto Work

After an accident, victims may be unable to work for some time,and maybe even permanently. In other cases, injuries may mean someone will haveto go into a different line of work where they may have to take a pay cut.

In either case, the amount of compensation must take into accountall the lost income both immediately after the truck accident and in thefuture. In some cases, this compensation amount may be in the hundreds ofthousands of dollars.

Why an Experienced TruckAccident Lawyer is Necessary

Commercial Truck Accident Laws are very different from regular car accident tort laws. Investigating and prosecuting these cases effectively requires having a lawyer with experience in truck and big rig accident cases. The accident lawyers at Gordon Elias & Seely, L.L.P. offer a free initial consultation where you can get legal advice and find out how much you should receive for the accident claim. Call TOLL FREE at: 800 - 773 - 6770 to speak to one of our experience trucking attorneys or fill out the Free Case Evaluation Form on our website..


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