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Truck Accident Injury: Filing a Compensation Claim

Filing a compensation claim for a truck accident injury can bedifficult. The insurance company representing the truck driver or truckingcompany will do everything possible to minimize the amount of money they willhave to payout.

Anyone involved in an accident with a big rig or commercial truckshould be aware of the following things when thinking about filing a commercialtruck accident injury claim:

1. Do Not Sign Anything

Immediately following an accident, the insurance adjustorrepresenting the truck driver or trucking company will likely try to get theinjured party to sign a statement of settlement offer releasing them fromfurther liability. The initial settlement offer will be far lower, probably asmall fraction, of what they are entitled to. Always tell them you wish toreview the paperwork at home prior to signing anything.

2. Create a File For Your Claim

Keep a file with all documents related to the truck accident.This should include everything related to any medical expenses, prescriptionpain medicine, car damage, lost time from work and anything else related to theaccident. This evidence will be critical in pursuing your accident injuryclaim.

3. Talk to an Experienced TruckAccident Lawyer

Most auto accident lawyers do not have the experienceinvestigating and prosecuting a truck accident injury claim that is necessaryto get the injured party the money to which they are entitled.

Many truck accident injury claims end up settling for manyhundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. Most inexperiencedattorneys will not realize the intricacies of a commercial truck accident case,and will not be able to get the injured party the proper settlement or juryaward.

Almost every truck accident lawyer will offer a freeconsultation which allows injured victims to get the legal advice and guidancethey need to make sure the trucking company and their insurance company aremade to payout to the full extent of the law.

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