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Jackknife Accidents: Insurance Claims and Trucking Accidents

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Jackknife accidents can be a deadly occurrence on roads and interstatesthroughout the United States.  Ajackknifing occurs when the trailer of a tractor-trailer truck loses control,swings out, and forms an acute angle relative to the cab.  These accidents are often caused by adverseroad conditions, improper braking, or equipment failure. 

In some cases, a collision with another motorvehicle may cause the truck to jackknife. Jackknifing is likelier to occur when the trailer is empty or carrying alight load.  In certain instances, jackknifingcan cause the vehicle to roll over. Tandem trailer jackknife accidents happen when the rear tandem trailerlocks up before the drive axle tandems or the front axle.  This type of accident is often preventable.

Accident Claims for Jackknife Auto Accident

The driver may not necessarily be negligent if the truck jackknifes dueto an abrupt turn that he or she takes to avoid a motorist or stalled vehicle,or if it was due to unforeseeable road conditions.  As with any personal injury claim, provingnegligence will be the most important aspect of your case.  You may be able to sue the tractor-trailerowner, the driver, and/or the manufacturers of any defective parts thatcontributed to the accident.

Possible Insurance Impact

An accident affects your insurance in many different ways, depending oncertain details of the accident, as well as each insurer’s underwritingguidelines.  Your rates may be increasedor your policy may not be renewed if the accident is your fault. 

If a policyholder is not considered to be at fault, your insurancerates may not be increased.  However, itmay cause you to lose your good driver discount, which can range up to 20percent of your policy.  Whether or notthere were injuries involved will also have different impacts on rates.  The police report may be acceptable proof ofno injury, however, not all companies will accept it since people may not feelinjured until several days later.

Drivers who have been involved in an accident should worry needlesslyhow it will affect their rates.  Ifpremiums happen to increase, an individual may simply purchase insurance fromanother carrier who will offer lower rates. The best way to achieve this is to compare auto insurance from multiplecompanies in order to narrow down the list.

Hire an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have of a family member has been anunwitting victim in a jackknifing accident, you should consult with anexperienced personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case.  Victims may be entitled to compensation forany resulting medical expenses, emotional suffering, lost wages and propertydamage.

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