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Trucking Laws Questions & Advice

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All Trucking Laws Questions & Advice

How are trucks and truck drivers enforced by safety regulations?

Question:  Whichfederal agencies regulate trucking safety and how is it enforced?

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I was involved in a truck accident out of state. The trucking company is in a different state. What state do I hire a lawyer in?

Question: I live inOhio. While I was on vacation in California, my car was in an accident with aninterstate moving company truck.  Thedriver ha...

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My relatives were killed by a truck driver that fell asleep. Can I file a wrongful death lawsuit on the basis of negligence?

Question:  My sister and brother-in-law were killedwhen a trailer truck rear-ended their car. The investigators say the driver fell asleep. They...

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Who holds for a defective truck part that caused an accident, the manufacturer of the part or truck, or trucking company?

Question: I was recentlyinvolved in an accident where a truck hit my car.  The initial assumption was that the driverwas at fault, but the insura...

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