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My car was damaged by some materials that fell off the back of a truck. How do I go about filing a claim?

I was recently injured when part of a load flewoff a semi-truck in front of me and struck my windshield resulting in seriousinjuries.  Is the truck driver ortrucking company responsible to secure the load properly?




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When you are injured as a result of anaccident with a large commercial on the roads and highways of Virginia and itwas not your fault, there are certain rules that apply to such accidents.  These rules involve investigations into safedriving practices, the road conditions and the maintenance of the trucks.  When truck drivers or the trucking company, failto take the necessary precautions to avoid trucking accidents, they needlesslyendanger the lives of people who ride in smaller vehicles.  A driver has a duty to inspect the loadbefore and during the trip.  If the loadis sealed, the shipper has the legal obligation to properly secure the load toensure safe travel.

Truck accident cases are complex and provingnegligence can be complicated.  It is advisableto seek legal assistance as soon as possible in order to determine whether youhave grounds for legal compensation.  Ifyou have been a victim of a truck accident, you don’t need to suffer.  An experienced truck accident attorney canhelp you file a lawsuit in order to receive compensation for your injuries andhelp pay for your medical bills.

Posted by Linda Adams on 04 Feb 2010

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