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Va Truck Accident

Virginia is home to a number of trucking companies, making their highways a truck corridor subject to many truck accidents. VA truck accidents are no worse than those suffered elsewhere, but you are likely to be able to find an experienced attorney more quickly due to the numbers that are in business there in order to help VA truck accident victims. Since many of the 500,000 yearly trucking accidents take place in Virginia, these experienced lawyers know how to investigate an accident thoroughly and preserve the evidence for your litigation. The size and weight of semi trucks, or big rigs as they are often known, can make even what begins as a small accident turn into a big one. Don't delay in determining if you have a claim.

Fast Facts

  • Truck accident attorneys generally attempt to settle a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit out of court, especially in states where there is much claim congestion in the courts.
  • One of the most valuable qualities your truck accident attorney can provide is to find the evidence that may be hidden from most observers. Requesting orders of protection to preserve that evidence should be one of your lawyers first acts.
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