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Most people can drive their entire lives without ever being involved in a traffic accident. But all it takes is one to ruin or even end a life, especially when it is a trucking accident. A big truck is classified as any truck weighing more than 10,000 pounds and reaching up to 80,000 pounds. And while trucks, the trucking industry, and truck drivers are regulated by state and federal laws, that doesn't eliminate driver negligence, defective equipment, or hazardous conditions that can still cause catastrophic accidents. In addition, a truck can lose control over a simple miscue on the part of a passenger car driver. In fact, some trucking accidents may have many layers of shared liability that can only be sorted out by trucking accident attorneys who are experienced in these kinds of cases and know what to look for.

Fast Facts

  • Some trucking accidents can be eliminated by the trucker merely installing blind spot mirrors to increase their range of vision.
  • Jackknifing is a dangerous cause of truck accidents, but it is not always the truck driver's fault. It may be caused by poor road conditions or another car that recklessly impedes the truck's movement.
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