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Truck License Training

It's not always an easy task to operate a big truck these days. At one time operating and even repairing commercial trucks was a task that any fairly bright and hardworking man or woman could master. These days the mechanics are so high tech and complex, potential commercial truck drivers generally need special truck license training to be a certified commercial motor vehicle driver. There are schools all around the country that provide that training, as well as schools operated by some trucking employers for their own employees. And while truck license training is not required, it can certainly help you to be a better and safer driver and to pass the commercial driver's license written and driving tests more easily. There is a significant cost to these classes, but that is often paid by your new employer.

Fast Facts

  • Truck license training can cost anywhere from $300 per week to #3,500 for an entire course?
  • A commercial driver's license is required for those planning to drive a truck weighing 26,000 pounds or more, or to carry 16 or more passengers in a public transportation vehicle.
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