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Truck Driver Crash

Negligence is nearly always a part of a truck driver crash. The only exception is when there are hazardous conditions on the road that are not visible to the naked eye. Otherwise, every driver is responsible to watch and drive in a way that is safe for the conditions and traffic. For passenger cars driving alongside big trucks, that can mean a special awareness of the limitations of an 80,000 pound vehicle trying to stop or avoid a sudden move from a smaller vehicle. If they don't, they could become an injury or fatality statistic. On the other hand, one of the most common causes of truck driver crashes is driver drowsiness. While there are laws regulating the number of hours a driver can spend on the road without rest, some stretch or bend those laws to meet the unrealistic expectations of their employers or to increase their income. The actual result may be a catastrophic truck driver crash.

Fast Facts

  • Some employers cover up their drivers' excessive driving hours or speeds to avoid liability for truck driver crashes.
  • Modern technology such as "black boxes" and GPS devices aid attorneys in discovering the truth about truck driver crash liability.
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