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Traffic accidents are a way of life in this country, with over 6 million taking place every year. And while there are far fewer truck accidents, they are much more deadly on average, resulting in over 130,000 injuries and 5,000 fatalities. The majority of those injuries and fatalities occur among the car drivers and passengers who end up in a car truck crash. That's because trucks are so big and heavy that they often protect the truck drivers and injure those in smaller vehicles. Statistics show that the majority of those car truck accidents are the fault of the car driver, but not all. That means you may be in an accident with a truck one day, and you will need help in gathering the evidence to prove your case for compensation in court. A truck crash lawyer can help, not only with the legal filings and paperwork, but in order to investigate the scene as well as the truck driver and their employer for that evidence.

Fast Facts

  • Passenger vehicles are not as likely as big trucks to be involved in multi-car crashes with fatalities.
  • Only 29% of truck accidents occur in bad weather or on wet roads.
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