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Truck Car Crash

A truck and car accident can have major implications for all involved. When trucks and cars collide, fatalities are not uncommon and major damages to passenger cars usually ensue. An accident with a car and truck even at speeds as low as five miles per hour can result in serious whiplash injuries. The majority of car and truck accidents are the fault of car drivers, who often are negligent to how trucks drive, and don't realize that trucks have large blind spots and react poorly to emergency situations. That said, truck drivers also cause accidents, mainly due to driver fatigue or not having a properly maintained truck. Mechanical failures, braking failures, tire blowouts and improperly balanced and weighted loads all contribute to car and truck accidents.

Fast Facts

  • Statistically, more fatalities occur with truck accidents than any other does
  • Most fatalities in car and truck accidents happen to the car passengers
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