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Truck Car Accident

When a truck and car accident occurs, there are major implications due to the size and weight of trucks in comparison to cars. More fatalities occur in accidents involving trucks than accidents involving only cars. And the damages from such accidents are often severe in nature. These accidents are caused by a number of reasons as trucks and cars share the road. Trucks have large blind spots and react poorly to emergency situations. And most car drivers are negligent to how trucks operate. Driver error is the most common cause of these crashes, with speeding, driving under the influence and driver fatigue tops on the list. Most driver errors are the fault of car drivers, as only 1% of drunk driving crashes are the fault of truck drivers and 4only % of all crashes are due to truck driver fatigue. Errors with trucks themselves are also to blame for many accidents. These include mechanical failures, brake failures and unbalanced or overweight loads.

Fast Facts

  • Only 9% of all accidents involve commercial trucks
  • About 80% of all truck accidents are the fault of car drivers
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