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Truck Accident Statistics

While truck accidents are fewer in number than other common types of accidents, reaching only 500,000 per year as opposed to 6 million for passenger cars, they cause an inordinate amount of damages and injuries. That is because they weigh up to 40 times more than most passenger cars and take up as much as 75 feet of the roadway. That doesn't make it easier to accept truck accident statistics that show more than 130,000 injuries result from truck accidents each year as well as over 5,000 deaths. Over 75% of truck accidents are caused, at least in part, by passenger cars. However, the remaining 25% caused by truck drivers, trucking companies, manufactures, freight owners, and others can be deadly, especially if the cargo is hazardous. The most common cause is truck driver drowsiness, often caused by violating the regulations for sleep time set by federal regulations.

Fast Facts

  • Truck accident statistics reveal that more than 60% of truck accident fatalities are the result of accidents on dry roads during weekday, daytime driving hours.
  • As many as 27% of fatal truck accidents are caused by repeat offenders with at least one prior speeding conviction.
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