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Truck accident news in the world today can be discouraging. While truck drivers are generally more heavily screened, trained, and tested than drivers of other vehicles, trucks are generally more dangerous when involved in crashes, especially with smaller cars. Many are multi-vehicle accidents and there are often ambulances at the scene because of the number of injuries generally caused by big truck accidents. However, it is important to note that truck accidents only make up 12% of all traffic crashes and they are often the fault of the passenger car and not the truck. Most recent truck accident news indicates that driver fatigue is still the most common cause of truck driver negligence. If you have been in a truck accident, you can obtain a copy of the driver log or the "black box" to learn how many hours that driver has spent on the road.

Fast Facts

  • Truck accident news stories often announce millions of dollars in awards to victims injured in truck car crashes.
  • Truck accident news stories often report that multiple defendants are named because the liability may rest with the driver, the owner, the owner of the freight, the insurance company, and more.
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