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Tanker Truck Crash

There is a very good reason why there are extra requirements for commercial driver's licenses in the case of truckers who carry hazardous materials: they can cause much greater damage or injury than a normal trucking accident, and the driver must be able to warn people about and stabilize a hazardous materials accident scene. As many as 70% of all tanker trucks are carrying hazardous materials at any given time, increasing the opportunity for a tanker truck crash and dangerous fire. In addition, if any of those tankers have improper load limits, when the truck shifts, the cargo shifts, and that "slosh factor" may cause a tanker truck crash. In those tanker truck crashes, the potential for injuries and fatalities climbs because innocent bystanders can be included. If you have been injured in a tanker truck crash, you should consult a truck accident lawyer to protect your rights.

Fast Facts

  • In order to add a hazardous materials endorsement (D) to your commercial driver's license, some states require additional training and testing, a background check, and the federal standards require it to be renewed every 5 years.
  • Truck rollovers cause as much as 55% of truck accident deaths.
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