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Semi Truck Crashes

Semi truck crashes involving passenger cars result in an average of 60,000 injuries per year. On the whole, truck drivers are cautious and well-trained. They know they have a dangerous vehicle in their hands. But because of the needs of the industry, sometimes drivers are not well-trained, sometimes they or their company may cut corners in maintenance, and at times, the driver may be under pressure to get their freight to its destination on time. Any or all of those elements may lead to negligence. If you have been in a semi truck crash, you need to know if any of those factors apply to your accident. You should thoroughly investigate the scene of the accident, the data from the trucking company, and the data found on the truck's "black box" which records the circumstances at any given time. Since most people are unable to do that kind of investigation, you may want to call a truck accident attorney to help.

Fast Facts

  • Drivers who have been in at least one accident prior to a fatal truck accident make up 27% of all truckers.
  • As much as 64% of all fatal semi truck crashes involve trucks pulling one trailer.
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