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Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

A semi truck accident usually results in major damages and fatalities, and can lead to a lifetime of high costs, especially physical. As such, the counsel of an experienced semi truck accident lawyer is highly advised for anyone involved in such a wreck. Liability is a major issue in these cases, and determining liability can be difficult. Driver error, truck error and third parties all contribute to semi truck crashes. When a truck breaks down, this is when third party liability comes in to play, as truck operators, vehicle manufacturers and equipment manufacturers can all be at fault. Most driver errors are due to speeding, negligence, drunk driving, and driver fatigue, and the majority of these driver errors are not the fault of the truck driver. If you have been involved in a semi truck accident, protect your rights immediately by contacting a semi truck accident lawyer.

Fast Facts

  • In 2003, 4,669 trucks were involved in fatal accidents
  • UPS and FedEx are the two largest trucking companies in the US
  • 1 in 9 truckers operate independently
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