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Semi Accidents

Semi accidents are among the most deadly form of accidents on the road, due to the large size and weight of semi trucks. Even a low speed semi accident can lead to major damages and fatalities. These accidents occur due to a wide variety of reasons. For starters, semis are slow to respond to drastic change, and often lose control in such situations. This is dangerous as semis have large blind spots and cannot adjust to speeding vehicles that cut them off. Semis can also fall victim to various issues that have nothing to do with any drivers, such as mechanical failures, uneven or overweight loads, and tire blowouts. Of course, driver errors such as driver fatigue, speeding and driving under the influence also contribute to these accidents. Statistically, more fatalities occur in semi accidents than any other road accident.

Fast Facts

  • The majority of semi fatalities occur during the weekend
  • Around 4% of semi crashes involve driver fatigue
  • In 2006, semis logged close to 140 billion miles on the road
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