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Milk Truck Accident

Milk trucks today are a far cry from the small white delivery trucks of the past. Today, milk is transported in big tanker trucks that can weigh up to 60 tons. These semi-trailers are heavy and ungainly. But they have the added problem of the "slosh factor" which means that if the tanker does not meet minimum load requirements, the contents "slosh" or shift around in the tanker, leading to milk truck rollovers. This requires the milk truck driver to use extra caution to carry the proper size load and to drive smoothly. These trucks are especially vulnerable to small cars that make sudden and surprising moves in front of or beside them. If you are the victim of a milk truck accident, you should call a truck accident lawyer and be sure to have the facts about whether the "slosh" factor played a role in your accident.

Fast Facts

  • Big rig drivers must rest 10 hours for every 11 they driver, in order to prevent drowsiness and the serious accidents that could result.
  • Milk truck drivers must know the maximum and minimum load requirements and follow them closely in order to avoid liability in "slosh factor" accidents.
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