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Fire Truck Crashes

Fire truck crashes occur despite the early warning systems of a fire truck's flashing lights and blaring sirens. These accidents occur for a number of reasons. The simplest of these is driver negligence, with drivers not being aware of the emergency vehicles. This negligence can be the result of today's cars being much more soundproof, a driver being unaware of the rules of the road in regards to emergency vehicles, a driver being on a cell phone, or a driver having their music too loud to hear the fire truck. Some fire truck crashes are also the fault of the fire trucks. While fire trucks are allowed to circumvent most traffic laws while responding to emergencies, drivers can occasionally drive recklessly or misjudge driving conditions due to being in too much of a rush to get to the scene.

Fast Facts

  • Rollovers are the most dangerous accident facing fire fighters
  • 37 firefighters died in 2003 on the way to emergencies
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