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Fire Truck Crash

A fire truck crash is not a common occurrence, but when it does happen, it can have deadly results. Fire trucks are driven by highly skilled drivers in emergency-type situations, and are legally allowed to circumvent all traffic laws to get to the scene of a fire or accident. This is why fire trucks employ flashing lights and loud horns- to alert other drivers of their presence. Unfortunately, these warning don't always work, as drivers may not hear or see a fast-approaching fire truck due in part to better soundproofing in cars, the use of a cell phone or a loud stereo system And given that fire trucks routinely go through red lights and cross traffic lanes, the accidents are often severe, as drivers are totally unprepared for a collision. Additionally, a fire truck driver may be in such a hurry to respond to a scene that the driver may miscalculate, misjudge, or simply show recklessness concerning surrounding traffic, leading to a major accident.

Fast Facts

  • Rollovers cause the most injuries and deaths in fire truck crashes
  • In 2003, 37 firefighters died en route to an emergency
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