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Fire Truck Accidents

There are over 500,000 truck accidents each year in this country, and among those 2,500 involve fire trucks. And that number is growing. Part of the problem is that the drivers are influenced by the urgency of their errand and may sacrifice care to speed. In addition, there is a significant amount of the population that still doesn't understand how or desire to react properly when they hear a siren. As a result, a heavy, fast-moving fire truck can come upon them quickly. Either driver may make one wrong move that can lead to a serious accident. There are specific requirements that the driver of a fire truck must observe. They must be going to a verified emergency and their siren and front red light must be on. All fire truck accidents are tragic, but they are also complex. It may take an experienced accident attorney to help discern who is at fault and what the appropriate compensation should be.

Fast Facts

  • The 2,500 fire truck accidents that occur annually cause over 700 injuries and 21 deaths.
  • In most cases, the injuries and deaths due to fire truck accidents occur among the firefights themselves.
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