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Cement Truck Crash

Like truck accidents involving hazardous materials, there is an additional threat from cement truck crashes. Not only do you have to consider the damages to your car, there are also those to yourself or the wrongful death loss to your family. While there are a number of movies that trivialize the danger of having concrete harden on top of a person, in reality it is no laughing matter. In fact, it has often proved deadly. Of course, even if the added threat of being buried in wet concrete isn't serious enough, there is the fact that a cement truck can weigh between 25 and 60 tons. A passenger car faced with that kind of obstacle can expect serious damage. One of the most common causes of cement truck crashes is speeding on the part of the cement truck driver attempting to arrive with the concrete while it is still usable.

Fast Facts

  • While the number of accidents with cement trucks is low, the number of injury and fatality accidents is generally much higher.
  • Because of the national database tracking traffic violations by truck drivers, an employer who hires and keeps unqualified drivers may face liability charges for cement truck crashes.
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