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Cement Truck Accident

All trucks have the potential for serious accidents. However, there are some that can be doubly dangerous. A cement truck is one of those, in part because it can weigh between 25 and 60 tons. In addition, if there is a cement truck accident, the concrete can pour out onto the roadway and into other cars involved in the crash. A cement truck can also be very top heavy, making it a threat to roll over, especially at corners. The situation can be even more dangerous if the truck is not well maintained or properly driven. Add to that the fact that the cement in the truck must be delivered quickly, and drivers may break speak limits in order to fulfill their contract. A cement truck accident is not like any other crash, but a truck accident attorney can review your case and help recover the appropriate compensation.

Fast Facts

  • Cement truck accident victims can turn into fatalities if they are buried and suffocated in cement.
  • A trucking company can share liability for a cement truck accident if it fails to train a cement truck driver to safely maneuver this top-heavy vehicle.
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