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Big Rig Crash

We've all seen pictures of multi-car crashes with "big rigs" or semi-trailer trucks at the center of them. Because the pictures are so devastating and because most such accidents are luridly reported, you may think they happen all the time. But the truth is, compared to nearly six million auto accidents each year, there are on average 500,000 large truck or "big rig" crashes. The problem is, one out of every eight fatal accidents involve a big rig. These accidents are serious and complex. And there can be multiple cars with multiple liability. If you are involved in such an accident, or if you have lost a loved one that way, you must be sure of the facts. Be sure you consult an experienced truck accident lawyer to help you learn those facts and pursue your case effectively.

Fast Facts

  • Big rigs contain "black boxes" that record the speed, driving time, location, and other facts about a truck at the time of an accident. These "black boxes" will be overwritten quickly if they are not accessed quickly by your lawyer.
  • Each state has a statute of limitations within which a big rig crash claim must be filed.
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